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APRIL 27, 2002
Greets and Huggers. Had the PRIVILEGE of spending last evening and this morning with some of our "Family" members in Springfield and learning more about their respective lives ... and more important ... getting to know
them better. Had a chance to watch my other brother Karl ... smoke a cigar ... hehehe .... and correct, ( a rather snippy) waitress about the charms of vintage wine :)

Guess I must be getting old ... what a joy to watch and share with such bright, talented. worthwhile younger lawyers. What a joy to share with each other what we hold dear. And Mary Lou ... geez ... the consummate
hostess, Lady ... and ...er ... if I had not been Blessed with my Susan ...er ... I damn well would be sniffing around her garden :)

It is all too easy to get locked into the day to day necessities of life: family, clients and "the practice". It is too easy to forget the important things: the priorities, God, Country and Family ...... (and for those that are atheists ... respect and acknowledgment of order and the laws that governs it .. or not, Country and Family). Point being,
Maslow's Hierarchy is as relevant today as it was a half century ago. I truly enjoyed visiting with my "Family" in Springfield. If you could not attend ... you missed a wonderful opportunity to share yourself with other members of our "family."

But ..... Susan could not go with me .... as a result ... this was the 3rd time in 7 years that I could not go to sleep smelling her hair while I drifted off to sleep. A pillow at the Baymont is not a substitute for the
warmth and feel of her breasts ... not a substitute for feeling her heart beat ... not a substitute for waking up in the middle of the night .. watching her sleep .... and Thanking God for having her be a part of my life. I wish and pray ... you all have a "Susan" to make your life worth living :) I know you live in a country .... our America, which makes that wish possible.

As always, I apologize if my ramblings offend.

Karl, (dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri)