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APRIL 25, 2003
Greets and Huggers.  Posted the evening of April 25, 2003.  Susan and I watch a lot of the "History" channel. It amazes me, that a species that can alter the environment ... can create such beauty ... such art, music and architecture, triumphs of the human spirit   .............  can also produce Saddams, Pol-Pots, Hitlers, Stalins, ad nausium.  Wonder why some of us turn out "human" ...... wonder what turns others into "beasts".   Maybe the thing that makes us "human" is our ability to learn from our mistakes?  Modify our behaviors as a function of trial and error.  Don't "beasts" do that too?  Maybe complex communication?  Beasts do that too.  Just what is it that makes us "human"?   Still thinking about it.

Watched John Stossel's show on addiction, "Help me! I can't help myself" on ABC on Monday night.  If you are an "addict", you have a medical condition:  a disease.  If you have a disease, you are not responsible:  you cannot help yourself .... or  ......  it's someone else's fault, (like the fat kids suing McDonalds, smokers getting lung cancer suing the tobacco companies, the alcohol companies turning us into alcoholics).  What happened to personal responsibility?  If you are a thief,  it's not your fault .... because you are addicted to spending money?  Addiction is a disease and because it is a disease, you need treatment, therapy ...  not jail time.  "Biogenetic" .... you are genetically programed to be a doper, thief, obese, a pedophile, *fill in the blank*.  You have no freedom of choice.   So, God/Nature gave us freedom of choice but gave us genes that limit choice?   Our genes are more an influence on who and what we are, then the choices we make? I don't believe it.  You can chose to do what is right or you can chose to do what is wrong.  If you chose to do wrong, make a bad decision,  don't say you didn't have a choice.

The SFIG Family Album project blows me away.  Simple concept:  send me your pic, I'll post it on the web with a link to your website and area of practice.  You post on the SFIG, folks can see what you look like by going to
http://www.karltimmerman.com/sfiga-c.html.  So how much do you spend on advertising?  My site has had over 41,000 hits since last April.  Your pic on the site costs you nothing and can be linked to ..... and I have to beg to get pics???  .......  <whispering>   ...... don't know how to tell you this ..... but you look like what you look like ..... a camera is not an implement of the devil.  If you are fat ... guess what .... you are just as fat when you chat with friends and clients and enter your appearance in court ..... if you are as ugly as I am ..... as I well know!!!  ....  you are just as ugly when you wake up as you were, when you went to sleep!

Read the email primer on squirrel killing.  Started out as a joke between Pat Reynolds and I .... was bitching to her about how loud the damn frogs in our pond were.  Guess what:  ... killing something because it annoys you is wrong. It is immoral. If you kill squirrels because you need your "crop" to survive the winter, (or kill mice to stop them from depleting your food supply or termites to preserve your shelter), then you would also eat the squirrels you kill, (want a really great Southern Mustard Fried Squirrel recipe)   To kill, in order to preserve your tomato plants, so folks can run away from you, if they see you with a brown paper bag full of tomatoes, (which you cannot eat, nor want) and neither do they  .... sorry ..... I find morally wrong.  There are other ways to solve the problem.  And those of you who are wondering  .......  my favorite personal weapon is a .38 Stainless Chief's Special, for fun,  it's a .45 Win Mag, 14" Thompson Contender, I roll my own using a Dillon Press, 300 grain round which chrono's out at 2,100 fps, (not fun to shoot without a good glove .... but will knock the hell out of a silhouette at 300 yards:  also a good weapon if you are into eating buses).  For home defense .... a 20 gauge 870, (Susan does not feel comfortable with a 12 gauge  ....  but, the sound of a slide action shot gun .... on a still night ....... carries for miles).   After thought:  you don't kill an animal to wear its skin to look cool, (you take the fur, as a by product).  You don't kill an animal because it annoys you: you kill to eat, you kill to preserve life. Anything less, is a violation of God's/Natures mandate:  an insult to what makes us human.

On Thursday night, I watched the "Dixie Chicks" on ABC trying to explain their comments about the War and our President.  Amazes me.  Cumulatively, they don't have enough intellectual horsepower, to power an ants motor scooter around the inside of a cheerio. Do I support their right to speak?   Without a doubt.  Will I buy another "Dixie Chicks" CD   .... nope.  Will I spend one dime, that may benefit them... nope. I see our men and women in uniform,  doing their job, defending our America, so they can voice their opinion.  I celebrate their right to speak:  I celebrate my right to dissent with that speech.   Are they gifted artists?   I think so. Are they stupid?  hehehehe ..... don't know.   "No comments from the Dixie Chicks about singing for American Troops".  Gee ...... no comment?  Maybe they learned something.  Maybe something like: everyone will defend your right to speak   .....  but  .......  you have to defend and be held accountable for what you said.

Had lunch with Shelley Bishop and Pat Reynolds yesterday:  very smart and attractive Lady persons, (and damn good lawyers to boot!  :)  No further comments .......

Sitting here sipping on a BBB and finishing off these Ramblings.  Susan is healing well .....  and  ..... I am learning how to bay at the moon.   All the females at Ft Timmerman are sleeping with their backs to the wall ..... and keeping a close eye on me.   It dawns on me that we married guys take a lot for granted ..... the "marital appurtenances" being one.  Susan goes back to the Doc in two weeks ..... think I'll start taking a vitamin supplement in a week and a half, start sucking down oysters and have my Doc write me a prescription for Vitamin V, in anticipation.  Know what you call an old married guy, that tells you hugs, hand holding, snuggling and smooching are enough ..... a widower. Our men and women in uniform are returning home.  Their courage and valor make me proud and attest to the fact that prayer/good wishes and the support of millions of folks like you and I can, do and did make a difference.  We will sleep well at Ft Timmerman tonight, knowing some of our men and women in uniform are also holding their loved ones .... as they drift off to sleep.  Be and sleep well.
If my post offends, I apologize .... that is not my intent.
Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri).