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APRIL 23, 2004

These are the Ramblings of a small town, (Holden, population 2,700), Missouri, country lawyer. They contain my random thoughts and observations on current events and my life and experiences in the Solo Practice of law.
Compiled here are the Ramblings for 2002 - 2004. 
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In Memorium:
September 11, 2001
Greets and Huggers.  Posted the evening of April 23, 2004.  Last Saturday evening, after working all day to replace the ceiling and chandelier in the dinning room and kitchen at Ft. Timmerman, I decided to relax with a snifter of BBB.  While sucking down the Brandy, I decided to change one of the light bulbs ... since the chandelier is directly over the dinning room table, I thought I would just climb on the chair and from the chair to the table.  Dumb move, chairs with wheels are not stable climbing platforms.  The chair scooted out from under me, I fell and suffered a compression fracture of my left Calcaneus, (the heel bone).  Spent 3 hour in the ER Saturday night.  Was on crutches, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  On Monday, had a default hearing in Independence, (paternity), so I hobbled into court ... Susan carrying my briefcase. On Tuesday, my Orthopedic Surgeon opined, I was lucky ... I would not need surgery.  He also informed me that I would not need a cast but would not be able to put any weight on my left leg for 12 weeks.  By Tuesday, my armpits were killing me:  I rented a wheelchair.  I was/am amazed at how difficult it is to get around!!  This world is a very different place for folks on crutches or in wheelchairs.  Like most of you, I never really thought about the Americans with Disabilities Act, (ADA). Sure am glad we have it!! You can not be part of  America ... if you can not access it.  Never appreciated the little things ... like going to the bathroom, getting something from a counter, getting into a refrigerator or cooking.  Getting clothes out of a drawer or out of my closet.  Became aware, how folks avert their eyes when you look at them:  all except Susan.  She picked me up off of the floor.  She carted me to the ER.  She went with me to court, to the Doctor.  She asks me several times each hour:  Are you Ok?  Do you need something? Anything I can do? Sure is an eye opener for a guy like me, who likes to think ... HE ... is the one in control, taking care of his Lady ...  an eye opener, when your Lady helps you get dressed, go to the bathroom, take a shower.  So .... ask yourself .... while looking around your house ... if you were in a wheelchair ... would you want/could you live there?  Ask yourself ... is the person you are with, (and are you), willing to help you/them get dressed?  Go to the bathroom? Perhaps God's second greatest gift to you and I, his most tender mercy, is your Susan.  As an aside, crunching down the street on crutches ... three blocks from the Courthouse  ...  hurts ... if you are infirmed, (need crutches, a cane or a wheelchair) ... have your doctor sign a form  Form DOR-1776,  take it to your local License Bureau, pay $2.00 and you will get a "Handicap" sticker for your car. Will get you close to where you need to be ... a small step, a very small step for you to gain accessibility. A small step for dignity. NOT 'Nuff said.

My dear friend Peggy Hedick suggested reading the English version of  "
aljazeera" to gain insight into what our Islamic brethren use to make sense of current events. I have.  I have also read "Kavkascenter", (the Cechnyan Rebel Website) and "Haaretz", a Tel Aviv independent newspaper. Folks in the Islamic world hold these "news", as reported by aljazeera, as gospel. Course some folks here hold the news reported by the New York Times as gospel.  The fact remains:  they aren't.  They are only true, gospel, for the person reporting the story and the organization printing it.  Why?  Can we all agree that no two human beings have had identical life experiences?  Can we agree that as human beings, we rely upon what we see and also rely upon "eyewitness" accounts, to make sense of our reality? Would it be fair to say, that if we are asked questions about a given event, we could definitively answer questions about explicit details we witnessed but would fill in the blank spots based upon belief, probability and what we are told? Where do these beliefs come from, if not our life experiences and a synthesis of what others have shared with us?  As a result, we view the world through eyes tainted by our and our common life experiences:   we fill in the blank spots by extrapolation.  This "extrapolation" is the "bias" we all bring to the table as witnesses.  One step further ... what happens when you incorporate an explanation or "motive" to a given event?  Don't you get "reporting" of a given event, that is only  "the truth", depending upon your point of view or perhaps your desperate desire to have it be true.

Someone posed the question:  "Do we have what it takes to wage and win this war against terrorism?"  The answer is ...  no, we don't.  "Terrorists" wage a "
total war": a war with no rules of conduct, engagement or limitations.  You can not win a "total war" except by a "total response": no rules of conduct, engagement or limitations.  As a society, since WWW II, we are not willing to fight such a war.    As a result, we have doomed ourselves to generations of bloodletting, secure in the knowledge that we are the "good guys" engaging in humane combat for the betterment of mankind.  What crap!   We won WW II, (a total war) because we responded, when attacked, with a "total response:  we did not limit ourselves to "military targets", nor were we shackled by "public opinion".  Does Hiroshima ring a bell?  We lost the Korean Conflict because we did not have the resolve to engage in a "total war", (McArthur was fired by Truman).  Same for the Vietnam War. Same for the first Gulf War.  During the "War on Drugs", I remember a DEA agent, (on TV), make the statement .... "what separates us from the "bad guys" is .... we follow the rules". We also lost that war.  There is nothing moral nor ethical about war, nothing!  At best ... it is only justifiable, once attacked. It is about survival, either as individuals or as a society.  There are no "rules" in a "total war".  Once attacked, once committed to war ... there is no chivalry, there are no civilians, there is only one goal:  kill so many of the "enemy", men, women, children, (infrastructure, like roads, bridges, factories, cows, pigs, camels, goats, ad nauseam),  that those we are at war with, lose their resolve to fight.  No cease fires, no armistice, no "negotiated settlements":  nothing but complete, unconditional surrender, (anything less only postpones the outcome and gives the enemy time to regroup  ...  WW I, ring a bell?)  "Collateral Damage" is not innocents killed ... but the losses we suffer while killing them. Like it or not, (I sure don't) ... the truth remains, this is the reality of "war".  (Keep in mind ... the winner gets to re-write history: how they followed the "rules" and were "morally right" and the other side lost, because they didn't and therefore weren't).  As for winning this war against "terrorism" ... by changing the "hearts and minds" of the enemy?  Share with me how you convert religious zealots and those that support them? You won't, you can't: we lose.

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