APRIL 22, 2005

These are the Ramblings of a small town, (Holden, population 2,700), Missouri, country lawyer. They contain my random thoughts and observations on current events and my life and experiences in the Solo Practice of law.
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Greets and Huggers. Posted the evening of April 22, 2005. This week we witnessed the selection of a new Pope. Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI. Interesting to look at Papal history of the 265 Popes, 78 are "Sainted", 8 are "Blessed", none are "Venerable" and .... <Whispering> .... none were women. "Venerable" means the candidate practiced virtue to a heroic degree or was martyred. "Blessed" is the next step up, (it has a "two miracles" requirement). And "Sainted" ... well ... that was left up to the Pope. The are also 33 Saints who are "Doctors of the Church" "This title indicates that the writings and preaching's of such a person are useful to Christians "in any age of the Church." Such men and women are also particularly known for the depth of understanding and the orthodoxy of their theological teachings." St. Thomas Acquinas, is probably the best known, by non-catholics. Interestingly, there is a Saint for almost every human endeavor. (Click HERE for an Index). For example, Bill Clinton's favorites, no doubt, the 7 Patron Saints of "sexual temptation", (they are all female ... go figure!) ... and the Patron Saint of "separated spouses", (there are 5, all male) and "difficult marriages" have 25. As attorneys we have 6 Patron Saints, (Pharmacists have 8 ... Physicians have 5). For our "family" members in St Louis ... your Patron Saint is St. Louis IX. .... <taking a sip of his Port> .... But my personal favorite remains, St Bibiana, the Patron Saint of "hang overs".

In answer to a question posed on the SFIG this week:  Popes can choose whatever official name they what. "When Albino Luciano was elected Pope in August 1978, he took the name "John Paul I". That was an odd and unprecedented choice for two reasons first, there had never been a Pope before who took two names; and second, there had never been a Pope before who, choosing a novel name, added "the First" to it. That is usually added by history once a second Pope honours the first by taking his name. He took the name "John Paul" because he wanted his Papacy to continue the good work done by both his immediate predecessors. Many saw Pope John XXIII and Pope Paul VI as quite different Popes. Certainly, they were different in many ways. Pope John Paul I perhaps did not want to show a preference for one or the other's style of leadership, so chose to emulate and honour them both" (For a list of all 265 names chosen by Popes, click HERE.) No doubt, the most chosen Papal name is "John" but "Benedict", "Clement", "Gregory", "Innocent" and "Leo" were pretty popular as well. Of the 12 Apostles, "Andrew", "James", "John", "Philip", "Bartholomew", "Thomas", "Matthew", "James", "Thaddaeus", "Simon, (Peter)", "Judas" and "Matthias", only John's name has been chosen/used. Personally, I doubt there will ever be a Pope Judas ... but I suppose time will tell.

Also this week:  a new "Food Pyramid". The really interesting aspect of the new "food pyramid" is, that it is not one pyramid ... but several, as a function of activity level, (it also has a serving size definition ... this will help you determine the calories you need to consume, in order to remain healthy and maintain your weight). Surprisingly, the recommended average caloric intake has been lowered from 2,200 calories, (for the average adult male), to 1,600. No doubt, due to the fact, that we don't move our fat asses as much as we need to. The new "Pyramid" is a good start .... but it has one flaw. It lacks the recognition that, the vast majority of the foods we eat are processed, (read that to mean, stripped of fiber with added sugar and salt). That means the food referenced, has a high Glycemic index/load, (how quickly your body converts what you eat to blood sugar). Let me explain it this way. Food that your body can process, (turn into blood sugar), very quickly, results in your pancreas producing more insulin than it needs to convert the available blood sugar into something your cells can use. So this blood sugar is converted and stored in the fat cells around your B&G, (Butt & Gut). "New research shows what many health experts have long said. It's not carbohydrates, per se, that lead to weight gain, but the type of carbs eaten. Their research shows that people who ate more refined and processed foods, such as white bread and white rice, had more belly fat." Additionally, because there is more insulin than your body needs for a given blood sugar level, your blood sugar level goes low ... because your blood sugar is low, you are hungry again and you eat again/more. Picture it this way .... your body is a car that gets 20 miles per gallon ... but you pump in 2 gallons every 20 miles. Just how long will it take before you have to strap a 55 gallon drum on your ass to store the excess? Now, go to the bathroom and look in the mirror ... look at your B&G, (butt and gut) ... see the 55 gallon drums? ... <Whispering> .... Dude .... the undeniable fact remains .... if you consume more calories than you burn, (if you pump in more gas than you use), ... you gain weight!!! Your body works harder, takes longer, to convert fiber, fat and protein into blood sugar. That is why the popular low carb diets seem to work, (and are also potentially unhealthy because of the LOW fiber content ... our plumbing evolved to handle, use and NEED high fiber food to keep us "regular" ... one of the reasons to take a fiber supplement like "Fiber Choice", if you elect to convert to a low carb lifestyle). As a species, we evolved eating dead stuff and kibbles and twigs, (our bodies evolved to store the kibbles and twigs as fat .. to allow us time to find more dead stuff, protein). 10,000 years ago, the kibbles and twigs we ate, were whole grains, roots, fruits and vegetables. All had a high fiber content. Now the kibbles and twigs we eat are processed and quickly digestible and as a result, have a high Glycemic load. No diet works beyond the weight loss phase UNLESS the diet causes a lifestyle change. Look at "My Diet". It is NOT a "diet" ... it is a different way of looking at food it is a lifestyle change. Live it, if you would like to walk your daughter down the isle ... or hold your first grandchild. Or not.

In related news, "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that obesity accounts for 25,814 deaths a year in the United States. As recently as January, the CDC came up with an estimate 14 times higher 365,000 deaths." Gee, they redid the numbers because the negative effects of being moderately overweight, (Type II Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Killer Cholesterol Levels, ad nauseam), can be controlled by medication. That means, because they can be controlled by medications, they don't pose a health threat? Wow, talk about Orwellian double speak? Sorta like choosing to have sex with a person you know is HIV positive and think it will be safe because you are wearing a condom, isn't it? Guess the bottom line remains ..... how many overweight 70 year olds do you know? How many obese, HAPPY, 19 year olds do you know?

In the last Ramblings, I shared with you we can not continue to have double digit increases in our health insurance premiums and survive as Solo and Small Firm guys. I have been told there is nothing we can do about it. Maybe so ... I continue to believe we can/need to make a change ... but no change is possible until you and I decide there has to be a solution. Until, you and I decide we have to make a change. How many different ways can I YELL, "You and I remain one illness away from a bankruptcy, we can not take." Share with me, is there anything we can do? I understand there are some problems which have no solution, (been trying to figure out how to strike a match on a marshmallow, for years!) ... but isn't this one important enough, affect enough of us, that we HAVE to find a solution? "Nuff said.

There is a Webpage I monitor http//www.recombinomics.com/whats_new.html. Take a look at the page .... draw your own conclusions. Eye opening and scary stuff. 'Nuf said.

Sitting here editing these Ramblings, sipping on some Port and watching the evening news. Sheesh ... the frogs are vocal tonight. They are loud, even though the walls at Ft Timmerman are made from 24" limestone blocks. It is Spring at Ft Timmerman and the "sap is rising" in all living things. After reading my Dear Friend Scott Gardner's post about the 56 year old "porn star" criminal lawyer, "Criminal defense attorney Ronald S. Miller does more than file his briefs -- he also takes them off." .... I started thinking about producing and selling "Froggieporn"? T-Shirts, Posters and Coffee Mugs! On the news tonight ... more reports of Iraqi's killing other Iraqi's. (Makes sense to me, after all, didn't Sadam kill off the best and brightest for the last 30 years? Just who do you think is left? Noble Peace Prize candidates?) Vice President Cheney spoke out in favor of Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's plan to ban judicial filibusters. (We don't want "activist judges", unless they actively support what we believe ... like getting involved in the Schiavo case.) While "creation care" is the new Christian Conservative buzzword for good old fashioned "environmentalism". Causing quite a problem with the GOP's pro-business, (pollute want you want, don't worry about being held accountable for trashing the environment because God gave you dominion over creation), agenda. The NRA has a new female president, Sandra S. Froman, (a Tuscan lawyer). Given the times we live in, I find it hard to argue against the ability of a homeowner who wishes to have a firearm, to protect himself and/or his/her family, from being able to do so. How could I? We have enough weapons and ammunition, at Ft Timmerman, to hold off the Chinese Communist Army ... for a few days.

It is almost time to post these Ramblings. To those 15 - 20 folks, who take the time to read them thank you. I hope they have made you chuckle, perhaps laugh and most important to me:  gave you something to think about. I always close my Ramblings with the acknowledgement of one fundamental truth. I have ... am blessed to have, the very best partner, lover, friend ... a man can have:  my Susan. Les S posted earlier about the need to keep perspective. I do. There is nothing that makes me happier than curling around the person that makes my life worth living, as I drift off to sleep. Tonight, as I do so, I will give a prayer of thanks ... I prayer for your well being .... and a prayer for our men and women in uniform, (care to join me?) ..... <whispering> .... Please, Please, Please, God ... let them come home safe and soon. Be and sleep well, knowing the best there is, is on watch, so you can. Take a moment and look at your life ... and keep perspective. If my post offends, I apologize ... that is not my intent. As always ....

A Warm Brotherly Hug

Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri)


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