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APRIL18, 2003
Greets and Huggers, (to all 14 of you who read my Ramblings  :)   Posted the evening of April 18, 2003.  This week, I asked an abstract question:  "Is it justifiable to kill a slave owner, in order to free the slave?"  If your core belief is, that the taking of life is immoral and only justifiable to preserve life, then the killing of a slave owner is not justifiable because you are taking life to improve the quality of life, not to preserve or save life.  This does not hold true if the slave owner kills his slaves, (as did Sadam).  On a greater scale, is it justifiable to go to war, (kill) in order to "remove" a tyrant, (slave owner)?  At what point does "quality of life" cross over to "preserving life"? Don't know.
On the Wednesday evening news, ABC had a story about Hollywood and entertainment folks, who after using their notoriety, speaking out from the "bully pulpit" of their fame,  expressing their political views, (antiwar), were complaining about how they have been treated by the public. Some folks didn't like what they had to say.  Did, do, they or any other person have the right to express their political views.  Absolutely, unequivocally, without a doubt!!  But, suppose the very public Alvin Aardvark, (Texas Recording/Movie Star), calls a news conference to condemn American military aid to the "Pinko, Commie, Fascist, Fag, Nigger-Loving, Pro-Jew, Zionist, Anti-Christian, *fill in the most offensive adjectives you wish*, Government of South Eden"?  Why wouldn't I have the right not to see a movie he is in, or not buy a CD he has produced?  Don't I have the right to urge my friends to also boycott this waste of skin .... and/or the products of his cretin mind?  Freedom of speech, (with some exceptions), remains free in my America ..... but free speech is not free. It has a price:  the price is, having to accept responsibility for and the consequences of,  that speech.  'Nuff said.

Watched the news ......  the looting of the Baghdad Museum, Hospitals and Libraries.  Hundreds of folks carting off everything that wasn't tied down.   Made me sick.  Someone noted that the looting was one of the unforeseen consequences of war  .......   was it?  Isn't it really a question of priorities?  I wonder   ....... our troops saved the oil wells and the Ministry of Oil but, in spite of being warned,  failed to save 7,000 years of human history  ......  including one of the oldest copies of the Quran in existence.  You can put a price on a barrel of oil  .... how do you put a price on 7,000 years of human history  .....  lost.  Sadam killed off three generations of the best and brightest  ......   I pray that the folks we saw looting, aren't all that's left.   We may be in Iraq awhile.

Holden is getting ready for an influx of folks for Easter Services;  just like other small towns across America.  Susan would like to attend Mass, (yep, she's a mackerel snapper :) ...... but cannot take communion because she is divorced.  We filed for an annulment 5 years ago:  still waiting, (and you thought getting a court date in Jackson County was slow??).   Does that mean Catholic folks who get divorced go to hell?  I was raised Lutheran, (an almost Catholic), attend services in which ever church is handy, (always figured my God couldn't care less about the location I was praying from   .....  figured a church was a pretty insignificant house compared to the beauty and room that is available in the universe).  I attended Capital University Seminary in Columbus, Ohio in 1966 ... hehehe .... perhaps I'll share, why I was asked to leave in a future Ramblings.   Susan wants to attend Mass in a Catholic Church. 

Everything is green again at Ft. Timmerman .... flowers are blooming and I have not had a chance to clean out winter's schmutz from the garden, (haven't trimmed the apple trees nor the grape vines, either).  Lotsa' work ahead.  I am puzzled by the fact that time seems to be passing at an accelerated rate.  Almost a third of 2003 is now history.  Guess that is part of the penalty for living past 21, (right along with bifocals, having to eat bland foods and hearing loss).  Oh well, at least I get good discounts with my AARP Card :)

Susan is up and about:  healing well.  No fire at Ft Timmerman tonight ..... but we are under a Tornado Watch.  Sitting here sipping a BBB, finishing off these Ramblings and watching MOSAIC, (news from other parts of the world  .....  two carrier task forces are on their way home from the Gulf).  Susan and I will celebrate the promise of Easter on Sunday ... not in church .... but right here at Ft Timmerman.  We want to thank all of you who sent emails of encouragement, (including the several from guys who shared that their wives turned into nymphomaniacs after having a hysterectomy ...... like I need that to deal with too???  ......  hmmmmmmm ..........)  ..... and my favorite email:   "Karl, don't worry .... you got rid of the baby's room but kept the playpen"!  I plan on going to sleep holding my best friend  .....  after a prayer for my America and the safe return of our men and women in uniform ..... and  .....  <sigh>  ... the families of those that did not.  Sleep well.  The folks guarding the door are the best there is.
If my post offends, I apologize .... that is not my intent.
Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri)