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APRIL 16, 2004

These are the Ramblings of a small town, (Holden, population 2,700), Missouri, country lawyer. They contain my random thoughts and observations on current events and my life and experiences in the Solo Practice of law.
Compiled here are the Ramblings for 2002 - 2004. 
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In Memorium:
September 11, 2001
Greets and Huggers.  Posted the evening of April 16, 2004.  [Underlined words are a Link to other webpages].   Last Sunday evening an interesting report on "60 Minutes" about AIDS in India: an epidemic.  8 million folks infected and the numbers rising.  That could destabilize the whole region.  India is a thriving democracy, has a software industry second to none and a staunch ally against Pakistani Islamic Militants. A third world brain trust.  In India, the three drug cocktail, (AZT and PROTEASE INHIBITORS and NEVIRAPINE),  used to fight AIDS, due to loose patent laws, have been pirated and locally produced, in India, into one cheap generic drug.  Bill Gates has donated millions, (guess he needs to ensure that "outsourcing" the next Windows Code is a viable option), for education. Won't pay for a pirated drug that could save or prolong the lives of hundreds of thousands, (good to know he is consistent in his anti-piracy stance). Not that it matters:  there are now drug resistant strains.  Question.  Why are there new drug resistant bugs? So ..... "evolution" is a "theory", (propounded by Charles Darwin), that basically holds that organisms mutate/evolve in order to survive. "Creation Science", (or "Intelligent Design",  HB 911,  [see the 1-9-04 Ramblings], Missouri's version currently being debated by our elected representatives),  holds that an intelligent being, (God),  is in control and controlling change.  AIDS has evolved into a drug resistant variety, (as have most bacterial and viral diseases) ... guess, you would have to believe,  according to "Creation Science/Intelligent Design", God, (in my belief structure, a loving and merciful God), is manipulating change to ensure the miserable demise of some of those who worship "Him".  Certainly would not question the mind of God, how could I?  Have no problem questioning the mind of "man" and the "theories" man develops to explain the mind of God.  Share with me how "Creation Science" makes any sense? Share with me, how a God, who loves us enough to submit his "only begotten son" to die for our sins  ... allows bugs to mutate, to allow/cause such a hideous death?  Perhaps death does not matter ... just a change in form/perspective ... a change in reality/dimension.  Perhaps death is only a "human" concept, seen through our limited senses, our limited ability to comprehend, like earthworms trying to make sense of trees? How much of the mind of God, can we "earthworms" comprehend?  Something to think about, for those that have the time ... those that have the intellect ... and those with humble intellects, (like me),  having a need to.  'Nuff said.

Interesting posts on the SFIG this week about the "
legal status" of "transgender" folks, (folks whose biological sexual identity differs from their mental sexual identity).   So what constitutes "male" and what constitutes "female"?  The plumbing?  Genes? The "soul"?  Don't know ... but do know this: some folks are so conflicted with the body/gender they have/are, they are willing to undergo incredible pain and suffering to change their plumbing.  Why? Intelligent design?  Eddie ``Gwen'' Araujo, (male), was a 17 year old teenager, who lived as a woman.  He was beaten, strangled and buried in a shallow grave after it was discovered that Araujo was biologically male.  "A man on trial in the killing of a transgender teen acted out of shame and revulsion upon discovering that he had had sex with a man, a defense attorney said Thursday, arguing that the crime was not murder but "classic manslaughter.'' Not a "criminal law" guy ... but "shame and revulsion" is a defense, a mitigating factor to "murder"?  If it is ... I have had a few divorce clients over the years, that would have murdered their spouses.   If "Creation Science/Intelligent Design" folks are correct ... wouldn't "Transgender" folks also be part of "intelligent design"?   On a different note, heard a person opine this week, that we, as human beings, are the most "evolved" of all God's creatures.  Made me chuckle.  So the earthworms that are alive now, are not every bit as "evolved" for their environment as you and I?  Apes, are not as "evolved" for their environment as you and I? (hehehe ... perhaps better so ... since our environment is changing faster than we can "evolve" to biologically deal with it). 

In the 1600's, "
Musashi Miyamoto" wrote a book, "A Book of Five Rings".   He was/is the most envied of persons, an oxymoron:  a warrior who died of old age.  A Samurai: THE Samurai. Without a doubt, his book is worth reading.   "The book is not a thesis on strategy, it is in Musashi's words "a guide for men who want to learn strategy" and, as a guide always leads, so the contents are always beyond the student's understanding."  The "book" is a "life lesson" for those that engage in "combat" ... a means for developing strategy ... a guide, (from a different culture), that holds true across the board for all who make their living as a "combatant", like you and I.    The book is on-line ... I have provided a link ...  take the time to read it.

The "
SFIG Family Album" is on-line.  Over 200 "family" members have their portrait  on-line, indexed alphabetically and by location,  for other "family" members to look at and make referrals to.  A simple concept: put a face to the post.  hehehe ... you have NO idea how difficult it was/is to get the (*(&*^ pictures. 'Nuff said.

In the Kansas City Star today: Honda is recalling 600,000 minivans and sport-utility vehicles because their transmissions can fail.  GM is recalling 374,000 GMC Envoys, Chevrolet Trailblazers and Oldsmobile Bravadas because their seat belts fail.  Mazda is recalling 106,000 Tribute sport-utility vehicles they can stall without warning, (Ford recalled a bunch of Ford Escapes for the same reason earlier this week).  No vehicles would be subject to recall, if some trial lawyer had not sued Ford over the "Pinto" exploding on impact.  Think we don't make a difference as lawyers?  Think again!!

Sitting here editing these Ramblings and watching the evening news, (and ... of course sipping on BBB).  Replaced the ceiling in Susan' office last weekend:  this weekend we will replace the ceiling in the kitchen/dinning room and build a raised bed for "stringbeans".  Will plant tomatoes, cucumbers, (for pickles) and lettuce for garden salads. May try making wine from our grape vines, again, this year, (hehehe ... and "hard" apple cider from our apple trees).  Yesterday, filed our tax return and sent a check:  I view it as paying "dues", a payment for the privilege of belonging to the grandest country club in the world, my United States of America.  Share with me where else in the world you can find the best restaurants, golf courses, parks, recreational opportunities and the most friendly of club members :) I still think a national sales tax is the way to go ... especially when you consider
44 million of us pay no income tax.  On the evening news, 20,000 troops have been extended in Iraq, while a young soldier is being held in captivity, (a 20 year old, reservist truck driver named Keith Maupin). My heart goes out to his family and to him.  4 badly mutilated bodies were found this week.  Our troops are being held back in order to win the "hearts and minds", (seem to remember that phrase from  Vietnam), of the Iraqi people, (you know, the folks that are left after Sadam killed the best and brightest for 3 generations).  War is war and chickens is chickens.  Screw Iraqi opinion, screw public opinion in the US, screw World opinion, turn our troops lose to do their job so they can return home. If no Iraqi's are left ... I'm sure the Palestinians would welcome the "Lebensraum". Susan and I will pray for Keith, our men and women in uniform, our America and you.  Be and sleep well, the best there is on watch so you can.  If my post offends, I apologize ... that is not my intent.

A Warm Brotherly Hug
Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri)

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