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APRIL 11, 2003
Greets and Huggers.  Posted the evening of April 11, 2003.  Pfc. Lori Ann Piestewa, 23, of Tuba City, Ariz. had two daughters aged 3 and 4: she was the first female soldier killed in this war.  She was a Native American:  Hopi. Murdered by the Iraqi secret police.  She joined the Army, as did Jessica Lynch, to make a better life for herself.  She HAD to join the Army to make a better life for herself and her children: what other options were available to her?  Jessica Lynch, after the sale of movie rights will have a better life.  Lori Ann Piestewa will just be dead.  We have a volunteer "core" standing Military and rely upon our National Guard and Reservists for our common defense, part time volunteers.  Isn't this manifestly unjust since a disproportionate number of "core" volunteers are minorities and poor?  The "draft" was rescinded because it was unjust as a function of the "exemption" system:  a disproportionate number of poor and minorities were drafted.  When joining the military is one of the few options available for a better life, (no money for higher education like in Jessica Lynch's case), how "voluntary" is "voluntary"?  Perhaps, we should reinstate a mandatory, no exemption draft, of all female and male children, upon graduation from high school.  A three year stint:   +/- age 18 - 21. Sorta like a military Junior College system:  basic military training and 64 hours of free college credit.  Those that wish can remain in, the others can chose between remaining in an "active reserve" or "inactive reserve".  Think of the benefits:  18 - 21 year olds who are just recovering from pubescent psychosis ... will get 64 hours of college credit .... learn skills, learn discipline ... civics ... hehehe ... let the Military convert our children into human beings ... how's that for an oxymoron?   Interesting concept, though.  :)

Bill pending in Congress ... folks who hold a "green card" and in combat in Iraq, fighting for our America ... will get their citizenship NOW.  Guess, if you are willing to fight and die for my America you deserve citizenship  ... to be buried here .... guess you should have the honor of being buried here  ..... if you are willing to make the ultimate personal payment ..... for the freedom that lets a good citizen chain himself to a fence .... in Portland .... protesting the war  .... to stop a shipment of supplies to our troops.

Some interesting posts this week:  someone posted an address to a "FUN" webpage:  a parody of FOX  News. Didn't find it funny.  I find no humor in the death of hundreds of thousands of Japanese, (the spin on Hiroshima).  Don't find jokes about the holocaust funny, either.  For me, killing, the taking of life,  is not "FUN" nor funny.  No accounting for taste:  my shortcoming, no doubt.

Trying to understand the "protest" mentality;  be it for the environment, protest for the rule of law over brute force, protect the "snail darter"  ... whatever.  No doubt, a bunch of concerned, honorable persons, gathering together to do what?  Raise awareness? Whose? Make our country credible?  To whom?  This week, a thousand civilians were killed in Uganda  ... don't think they cared about the credibility of my America.   Didn't see anyone protesting their death, (although, I'm sure there is).  Where was the UN or the rest of the world?  AIDS will kill off a third of the folks in Africa.  Didn't see any protesters chaining themselves to the gates of a pharmaceutical company that produces drugs that could prolong their lives, (although, I'm sure there are).  DeBeers sells blood diamonds: diamonds mined by slaves.  Don't see protesters chained to any fences in Amsterdam, (although, I'm sure there are protesters out there somewhere).   Interesting statement about the human condition:   enlightened honorable persons have a need to right wrongs ....  some persons have a need to get together with a bunch of other folks  ...  and   ......  talk about it:  protest.   There are others, that quietly roll up their sleeves and make a change by doing it, ("Habitat for Humanity" comes to mind ......  so does Susan volunteering at a "No Kill, Animal Shelter").   Have you considered the possibility that "protesting/dissenting" can become a life style, it becomes a justification within itself?  "Protesting/dissenting", whatever the cause, becomes the ultimate concern?  The "Gadfly Syndrome"?  Don't know.

Susan is home safe:  the surgery went well.  Wednesday night, the Damn Cats, the Damn Yorkies, Maggie seemed to wander around the house  ... looking for something.  Somehow, they seemed lost.  I felt lost: everywhere I looked  ....  there was an empty space.  Strange, how, when you are together  ..... you can feel a heart beating in the next room.  When they wheeled Susan out of "Recovery" and into her room  ... she looked so pale ... so small ... so vulnerable.  I sat with her, for the next few hours, holding her hand, watching the color return to her cheeks, (I had already talked to her Doctor and knew she was going to be fine).  There were others in the hospital, holding their loved ones hand and watching cheek color pale. Knowing that, put things into perspective.

Sitting here tonight at Ft Timmerman, sipping on some BBB, one eye editing and finishing off these Ramblings and the other on CNN.  Susan has been in and out of my office, just to hug me and thank me for being there with her ... sharing with me, how much she loves me. How could I not?  She is the sweetest, most gentle person I know.  There are no empty spaces at Ft Timmerman tonight, the "critters" are all parked at Susans feet.  We grieve for the families of our fallen soldiers:  our soldiers died to give the Iraqi people "the rule of law":  our men and women in uniform have cast out "the rule of brute force".  It will soon be time for honorable persons to debate the best and fastest way to empower the Iraqi people to control their own destiny.  As for Susan and I, we will pray for our men and women in uniform and their safe and speedy return to their loved ones.  We will sleep well tonight:  I wish the same for you.

If my post offends, I apologize .... that is not my intent.

Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri)