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MARCH 30, 2002
Greets and Huggers. Susan and I wish you all a Happy Easter and a reflective and Happy Passover. I wonder, do our Muslim brothers and sisters also celebrate a holy day, akin? I'm sure they do; after all ... we worship the same God.  Susan had her 39th birthday on Friday .... her diabetes seems to be under control ... the new insulin seems to work really well. It perplexes me though: how could a kind and loving God allow the most gentle and
kindest person I have ever met .. go blind in one eye and lose 56% of her kidneys? ..... <sigh> ..... guess when the time comes .... er .... I hope I have the opportunity to "cross-examine" :)

I wonder what it feels like to live in Israel; cannot help but think "fear" has to be a part of life. Can you picture going to Walmart and "profiling" folks who stand in line with you? Why is "profiling" wrong? Don't we live in a world where the "laws" of probability apply? Don't know.

Sitting here tonight, sipping on a snifter of BBB, watching "Cops" ... trying to figure out how to do a "webpage" .... and thinking about "Easter" ... and realizing, that the things that separate us as human beings ... are so much smaller ... than the things that unite us; the love we have for our children. The love we have for our families. The
love we have for our friends and neighbors. The love we have for our America. The love I have for MY America. Isn't that why we call ourselves... the Family of Man?

I apologize, as always, if my ramblings offend. And I remain ....

Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer).