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MARCH 28, 2003
Greets and Huggers.  Posted the evening of March 28, 2003. .....  <Chuckling>  ..... Justice Scallia received the "Citadel Free Speech Award", (awarded by the "City Club of Cleveland"),  this week.  hehehehe ..... seems, he only agreed to give an acceptance speech ..... if the press was banned.  Been trying to get the Chamber of Commerce in Holden to give an annual "Do As I Say Not As I Do Award"  ..... given my shortcomings, figured I'd nominate myself.  I'll defer to Justice Scallia.

Read the "Palestinian" posts on Monday:  a conflict which has been going on for generations. The diversity of opinion in this, our "Family", is amazing.  To me, it seems like a custody battle:  two folks imbedded in a position, neither willing to settle for what they need because they are so focused on what they want. Both having a "history" of mistakes ... both subject to the human frailties.  Both engaging in behaviors not dictated by a desire to resolve the conflict ... but by ancient hatreds, memories.  How stupid.  Old men, with nothing to lose, encouraging young men to die.  Wonder if that is why we used to draft 18 year olds? 18 year olds operate on hormones:  old men operate on memory.  Biology, I guess.   You can believe, we, as human beings, can evolve, learn from our mistakes ... or you can believe, we, as human beings are locked into our biology: you are what you are, no chance for change, no chance for redemption.  How sad.  I dissent with this view. I believe, we, as human beings can change, grow:    our biology is a springboard, a starting point,  that allows us ... as old men to have good memories ..... those of us who survived the passions of our youth  ....  and the memories and dictates of other old men.  Ultimately, there will be a Palestinian State.

Sitting here remembering that 2,000 French Soldiers, UN Peace Keepers were stationed in Rwanda .... they climbed in their trucks and drove off while over 800,000 folks were murdered by Hutu's bearing clubs and machetes.  The UN did nothing.  Remembered, UN Peace Keepers set up "Safe Zones" in the Balkans .... that turned into killing grounds when the "Peace Keepers" had to leave because the UN lacked the resolve or consensus to reinforce them:  the UN walked away and did nothing.  I can remember trick or treating for UNICEF ... what happened to that?  Does anyone believe the UN is going to or has the ability to protect us or our America from terrorists?  'Nuff said.

Had several private emails from honorable persons who wish to support our troops but are against the war. From an intellectual standpoint,  I can and do respect that.  From a philosophical standpoint, it is possible to support our troops and be against the war?  Of course.  But how can you do it in real life?  I encourage and defend, indeed, have defended public protest against many governmental policies:  the right to assemble and petition our government for change is contained in the 1st Amendment of our Constitution. However, just as "free speech" has it's limitations, so does the right to assemble.  Once our men and women in uniform, (our family members, neighbors and friends), are in harms way, you protest by contacting your elected representatives and sharing your views: applying political pressure, (but good luck, 72% of Americans support this war and 99.9% support our troops).  Be honest with yourself, think about it, think of the families of our men and women in uniform watching the protesters on television. How can you publicly protest and condemn what our troops are doing, (war) and not condemn the troops? Can you really expect these families to draw a line that fine? Will public protest lead to a speedy resolution to this conlict with the least loss of life?  The only thing Sadam can hope to win, potentially, is a political settlement.  Isn't that why Iraq was not invaded in 1991?  David Fribley left his job at the Shell Point Retirement Community in Ft. Myers to join the Marines as a response to the September 11th terrorist attacks on New York. Lynn Schneider, a spokesman for the retirement center, read a portion of Fribley's resignation:

"The following is my gift to you and others. May I honor you and our fellow countrymen and women? I will earn the privilege to wear the eagle, globe and anchor for all those that cannot. With all the strength of my fellow Marines, we shall always provide you with the comforting feeling of safety that you have each day. I will strive for excellence in all that I do."

David Fribley, a young Marine, was killed in Iraq:  He was 26. To those who protest the war by carrying signs that say "The only good soldier is one who shoots his commanding officer", (saw such signs being carried by protesters on CNN and FOX),  while laying down and blocking a street:  please do come to Holden, our local Lloyds Grocery Store parking lot needs some speed bumps.

It seems that there are so, so many things in life I/we have no control over.  Sitting here marveling at the courage of folks who have no faith.   I know in my heart, that truth, justice and goodness will triumph over evil ....  it always has, it always does, it always will ..... but, it may take awhile.  Wonder how many of our men and women in uniform are atheists?

Have the fireplace going at Ft Timmerman, (it's cold and misty outside), watching CNN with one eye and finishing off these Ramblings with the other.  Tomorrow is Susan's 40th birthday  :)  hehehe ... she shared with me earlier today, that she never thought she would live to be this old, (she has been an insulin injecting diabetic since age 13).  Geez!!  I never thought I would live to be 55 either!!!  ....  <chuckling and taking a sip of BBB> ....  Ok ..... Ok,  So I'm a cradle robber:)    Tonight, we have our men and women in uniform in harms way ... some have been killed ... some have been wounded and some are undergoing who knows what kind of horror at the hands of Sadam's minions.  I know, I will hold Susan tonight, (hehehehe .... who would have ever thought I'd be copping a feel on an old Lady!!!) ... and drift off to sleep, safe at Ft Timmerman.  We will say a prayer for a speedy resolution to this war and that our men and women in uniform, return home safely  ...   soon.

As always, if my post offends .... I apologize.

Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri)