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MARCH 21, 2003
Greets and Huggers.  Posted the evening of March 23, 2002.  Earlier in the week, before the invasion, the French announced that if Iraq used biochemical weapons, (which Iraq doesn't have), mounted on Scuds, (which Iraq doesn't have), the French would allow us to overfly France, (which we don't need to do).  Interesting folks, the French.  "Francophobic" will now have new meaning:  an irrational fear that France is one of your allies.

Had a dear friend, Bob Simons, ( a criminal law guy) put this war into perspective.  It's a "probation revocation!".  "See, Iraq was found guilty of burglary, rape, murder etc  etc  in 1991 and put on probation.  Terms of the probation are standard:  get the weapons out of your house ...  check in with your probation officer ... and do a drop test on demand. So over a 12 year period, Iraq has a bunch of probation violations ... refuses drop tests ... refuses to check in with it's probation officer and in 1998 ... tells the probation officers to "kiss off".  The Court issues a show cause ... which Iraq ignores .... so .. now ... there's a probation revocation".   Makes sense to me.

Tonight, I am so thankful the loss of life in Iraq, so far,  is small:  6 of our men in uniform, (I don't know how many innocent Iraqis have lost their lives:  if one, one too many).  My heart and prayers go out to their families.  On the news:  a massive man hunt for 6 Iraqi men, attempting to enter the US with "poisons" that need to be temperature controlled:   wish they were attempting to enter France.  Iraq fired "Scuds" against Kuwait .... "Scuds" which Iraq claimed it did not have.  I remember earlier in the week, the young Marine making the statement, "I hope when I get home ... I won't be called a baby-burner like my dad was."  Honorable persons can debate and disagree about policy:  the right to dissent has nothing to do with education nor what you do for a living.  The right to dissent is the very right that our men and women in uniform are willing to give their lives to defend.   However, honorable persons do not attack our men and women in uniform nor do they resort to ad hominem attacks against the leaders of our America. The use of ad hominem attacks in this house, our SFIG, should not nor will they be tolerated by those of us who value a good discussion, a good debate and a healthy exchange of ideas.  If you are so lacking in intellect, that you have to resort to name calling to make your point  .... just resort to what most 5 year olds do:   yell,  "nanny ... nanny ... boo ... boo!!! " .... or risk being "unhugged".  'Nuff said.

Susan is healing well ... she remains, (for me), an incredibly beautiful woman, the most beautiful one I know   ..... hehehe .... starting to chase her around Ft Timmerman again ... the joy of having a partner, 15 years younger:  they can run so much faster ..... makes catching them all that much better!!!  Really look forward to growing old with her ..... perhaps, a few miles down the road .... while laying in bed ....  looking at her and saying .... "Lover, hand me my teeth so I can bite you!"  :)

Please take a moment to remember our men and women in uniform: send your prayers/good wishes to them and their families.  As always, if my post offends ...  I apologize.

Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri)