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MARCH 19, 2004

The "Ramblings" are a series of emails sent, for the most part, on Friday night, to the Missouri Solo and Small Firm Internet Group, ("the List"),  listserve.    "The List" is a "support" group, a virtual "family", comprised of Missouri Solo and Small Firm Lawyers. It is not affiliated with the Missouri Bar Association: "the List"  is self governing and self moderating. Compiled here are the Ramblings for 2002 - 2004.  They contain my random thoughts and observations on current events and my life as a Solo Lawyer. They are the Ramblings of a small town, (Holden, population 2,700), Missouri, country lawyer.
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In Memorium:
September 11, 2001
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Greets and Huggers.  Posted the evening of March 19, 2004.   I love my Dad, by any definition ... he is a "hero", (he certainly is my hero)   ....  having lived through things, I doubt I could, (he was captured by the Russians in WW II  ...  and was one of the few who made it home).  He is much wiser than I. This week, my Dad and I argued about "same sex marriage"  ...    he thinks "God's Plan" .... the definition of "marriage", is the "union of a man and a women" .... in his opinion, God's plan for us is to "marry, create children, raise them  ... and die".  He argues that the decline of Rome ... was due to the moral decline of Roman citizens.  He is my "hero", my mentor and I sure  want to agree with him:  if only I could figure out what a universal definition of "moral" means/is.  For example, polygamy is against the law in the western world, it is considered immoral, yet practiced and legally sanctioned in the rest of the world.  Why? Is "morality" a function of a given religion, a synthesis of several religions or is religion a function of morality? Wan't Rome prospering until they made Christianity the official State religion and started legislating "Morality".  Could it be .... my America was fine .....  until our elected representatives started regulating or banning  "vices/morality"?  Isn't citizens ignoring "vice/morals" legislation and the resultant disrespect for the law, the true basis for the moral decline of any society?   The 18th Amendment, (prohibition), ring a bell? Something to think about.

War on terror:  one year ago today, President Bush ordered the commencement of hostilities in Iraqi: "
Shock and Awe".  This past year, 572 American soldiers have given their lives, (434, since major combat operations ceased).  (58 British, 17 Italian, 8 Spanish, 5 Bulgarian, 2 Thai, 1 Danish, 1 Ukrainian, 1 Estonian and 1 Polish have also died).  Each person special, each person mourned for their loss and the greater contribution they may have made to humanity.  No one knows for certain how many Iraqis have been killed.   No "weapons of mass destruction" have been found.  What has been found, are the mass graves  of the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi folks murdered by Sadam Hussein. What has been found is billions stolen from the Iraqi people by Hussein and his family.  What has been found, killed or captured are 46, (out of 55),  of  the worst Iraqi thugs, including Hussein and his sons.  One year later, Iraqi stores  are filled with goods:  "Iraqi living standards are higher than at any time since the 1990 Persian Gulf War, and the World Bank estimates that the economy will grow by 30 percent this year."  Iraq is now producing more electrical power than any time in it's history.  The marsh lands  in southern Iraq, (13,750 square miles) are being re-hydrated and the remaining  Ma'dan, (Marsh Arabs), are returning to their ancestral homes.  The Iraqi interim governing counsel has signed a Constitution  and free elections are scheduled for January, 2005.  They now have an independent judiciary.  We and those that love freedom, are winning the global war on terror, one skirmish, one arrest, one thwarted terrorist attack at a time.  Like the majority of Americans, (50%), I believe going to war with Iraq has made my America a safer place to live.  Will there be future terrorist attacks here?  Ask the Spanish.

Fair Tax: "To promote freedom, fairness, and economic opportunity by repealing the income tax and other taxes, abolishing the Internal Revenue Service, and enacting a national sales tax to be administered primarily by the States."  108th CONGRESS, 1st Session, H. R. 25  45 members of Congress have signed on to repeal the 16th Amendment, "The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several states, and without regard to any census or enumeration." and replace it with a federal consumer sales tax on goods and services, to be administered by the States. This isn't a crackpot deal: the "Fair Tax" was proposed by a Texas "think tank", (Americans for a Fair Tax),  after extensive research.  House Majority Leader Tom DeLay  is pushing it! Basically, the IRS would be dissolved, NO income, either from wages, savings or investments would be taxed, no income tax filings, no "tax" shelters", no salary withholding, no Social Security withholdings, no social engineering through tax credits, etc.  Everyone would have to pay a 23% sales tax on whatever NEW item they purchased, (there would be no tax on those items which have already been taxed) and folks who are below a set "poverty level" would get a rebate.  What appeals to me, is that those folks who have the most and consume the most, would have to pay the most.  Those folks who choose to save or invest their earnings, would pay no taxes on them nor what they earn from them until they elect to buy something.  Wouldn't that help our economy?  Wouldn't it encourage folks to conserve?  I would encourage you to read the incorporated links.  I just emailed my Congressman and Senator.

Susan and I will travel to St. Louis next month on a photo expedition ... seems there is a
Wolf Sanctuary  in Eureka at the Tyson Research Center off of Highway 44.  They have a "by appointment" tour, (costs $45.00 for a group):   "... Depending upon our current holdings, you will have an opportunity to see Mexican Gray Wolves (the most endangered wolf in the world), Red Wolves (once native to Missouri), Maned Wolves of South America and our newest edition of Swift Foxes.  You may bring cameras and binoculars. The Tour is a 1/2 mile round trip by foot, so dress accordingly!"   Will meet my dear friend Gary B and his Lady and Bob S there to exchange tips about digital photography and take some pictures of the wolves.  I purchased an Olympus TCON-17  teleconverter, (and Yoshida  adapter) which will increase  the range of my Panasonic FZ10K  from 420mm to 713mm, (keep in mind, the camera has an image stabilized Leica F2.8 lens system). If you have an interest, send me an email and I'll include you in the group reservation).

Sitting here editing the Ramblings and enjoying the numbing effects of BBB. Sat here earlier watching CNN showing clips from "Shock and Awe" and some of the "firefights": Jessica Lynch. Tonight, on the news ... seems the Pakistani military are involved in a ferocious battle:  they may have trapped
Ayman al-Zawahiri, (Al-Queda's  second in command). Genocide goes on in the Sudan while the UN does what, (over two million dead)?    Supposed to be a large anti-war rally in Washington tomorrow, the purpose being what?  We pick up our cookies, go home and abandon the Iraqi people to the nutcases that are already systematically murdering them? Gee ... didn't we do that once before back in 1991?  And on a pleasant note, (kind of) ... the Swallows  have returned to San Juan Capistrano, (on time).  For me, accumulated bird sh*t has no charm!   Susan is doing really well on the insulin pump:  she has dropped 20 pounds counting carbs, (the pump automatically calculates the correct amount of insulin to inject based upon how many carbs she plans on eating).   Geez .... she looked great to me before ... but now ... she looks even better.  Without a doubt, she is a beautiful woman!! Wonder what she see's in this "porkyboy"?  Just hope she keeps seeing it :)   The most important thing on the news tonight?  The videos of our men and women in uniform coming home to their loved ones!! (Thank you, God .... please, please, please .... let the rest of them come home soon and safe).  All is well at Ft Timmerman tonight and tonight as I curl up to the most wonderful partner a man can have, I will say a prayer for my America, our men and women in uniform, Susan and I  .... and  you.  Be and sleep well knowing, even though there is a changing of the guard, at guard is the best there is. If my post offends, I apologize .... that is not my intent.
A Warm Brotherly Hug
Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri) 
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