MARCH 18, 2005

These are the Ramblings of a small town, (Holden, population 2,700), Missouri, country lawyer. They contain my random thoughts and observations on current events and my life and experiences in the Solo Practice of law.
Compiled here are the Ramblings for 2002 - 2005. 

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September 11, 2001

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Greets and Huggers. Posted the evening of March 18, 2005. [***** NOTE .... The SFIG server went down late Friday night ... until Tuesday. So share with me ... what did it feel like? How did it feel ... NOT ... being one email away from a "family" member? What did it feel like to hang by yourself? Feel isolated? Feel alone? That's what the practice of law was like for Solo and Small Firm Lawyers in 1996, before the SFIG. A great truth "You don't know what you got till it's gone." I maintain the "SFIG Family Album" and the "SFIG Functions" page for a reason to foster a sense of community among Solo and Small Firm Lawyers. We are here together, not alone! You and I are part of a "family" of Solo and Small Firm Lawyers, (who just happen to comprise 66% of our Bar!) Got news the only people that give a damn about us, are us. I have set up a separate off-site Listserve MoSFIG@karltimmerman.com, to use, if the SFIG goes down again, (to post, once you are subscribed, (to subscribe, just send me an email at karltimmerman@earthlink.net and I will add you to the Listserve), just enter MoSFIG@karltimmerman.com in the "To" portion of your email program). A way for us to keep in touch, (only to be used if the SFIG goes down ... I can not afford to pay for the Bandwidth, unless necessary!!!) ... but a backdoor way for us to reach and stay in contact with eachother.] *****


I must admit, I have never had the desire to have a tattoo .... <sigh> .... and my daughter wants to get one, (Susan has six.) Tattoos are banned in the Old Testament Leviticus 1928 "You shall not make gashes in your flesh for the dead, or incise any marks on yourselves I am the Lord." , (one reason few Jewish folks have tattoos ... didn't know Jewish folks with tattoos could not be buried in a Jewish Cemetery ... a prohibition lifted for Holocaust survivors numbers tattooed on their arms ). Tattoos are banned by Islam. Christians, on the other hand, (no doubt, due to the new covenant) ... have no problem with them. Was surprised to learn "Industry experts say that 50% of people with tattoos will some day consider having them removed." Interesting, I thought tattoos are forever ... they aren't ... current laser technology will allow their removal relatively painful and expensive ... but they can be removed. According to the American Society for Dermatological Surgery, (ASDS), laser tattoo removal increased by 27% between 2001 and 2003. The above links explain the process and the three different lasers used, (as a function of the color sought to be removed.) ... but, very simply put, a laser targets a given ink color .... heats the ink up until it breaks down into very small droplets ... and then your immune system flushes it out .... like any other alien object. Since 1995, most States require the use of autoclaves or a new tattoo needle to avoid Hepatitis B infection .... <whispering> .... if you got a tattoo before 1995 .... get tested for Hepatitis B!!! Perhaps tattoos, like any form of personal expression, make a statement about the person expressing the statement, an expression, perhaps superficial, perhaps not ... but to be respected none the less. <whispering> ... will still hope my daughter decides not to get one ... but if she does .... I will love her every bit as much. Perhaps, as my Dear Lady Friend Janet Jorgenson suggested, I could talk her into getting a temporary tattoo ... just to see if she likes it!

On Saturday, an interesting article in the Kansas City Star about "Clients left to pay for lawyers' misdeeds." , (I'd provide a link ... but the KC Star Website is subscription only). The article was about lawyers plundering their client's funds, held in the lawyer's trust account. Seems our OCDC, Maridee Edwards, would like to increase our Bar Dues, (by $20.00), to fund an increase in the funds available to the victim compensation fund, (I had no idea there even was a victim compensation fund for lawyer malfeasance) ... and hire additional investigators to randomly audit lawyer's trust accounts. Interesting idea. Share with me ... I must be missing something ... do Doctors have a victim compensation fund when they commit malpractice? Kill a patient? Why do they have a two year statute of limitations for malpractice, when lawyers have a five year statute? Share with me ... why .... if doctors kill over 98,000 persons in our America each year ... there was such a push by our legislators to limit a doctors liability for doing so? .... <scratching his head> .... the Solo and Small Firm guys I talk to ... are still trying to figure out, other than our Bar hosting the SFIG, what benefit they are getting for the $200.00+ per year in Bar Dues, they are currently paying? .... <chuckling> ..... hehehe ... share with me .... do you know of any other "Professional Organization" ... that requires the earning of a university degree ... that entitles you to take an exam ... that, if you pass ... requires you to pay $200+ per year in dues .... and this "Professional Organization's" function appears, to be .... <chuckling> .... to protect the general public FROM it's members? I wonder ... can we unionize ... join the "teamsters"?, (I hear they have a great benefit program and protect their members from unauthorized teamster-ising).

My Dear Lady Friend, Joyce Kramer wrote this week "The freight train has arrived and is discharging all it's passengers at the station, but the pain and suffering of it's collision with justice will be tortuous. PUMA (crying for a system of justice lost)" Not lost ... just waylaid. The pendulum swings. None the less, a great disappointment ... for those of us who fought for changes in the 60's, for civil rights, justice and the equality of all persons. When did we lose the sense of "revolution? Was it when we elected to get married, (instead of living together) ... stopped using illegal mind altering drugs and switched to prescription ones instead, (like Zolof and Paxil)? Re-joined the formal religions of our parents ... instead of celebrating God and life in our individual ways? Maybe it was when we became our parents. There has always been pain and suffering .... perhaps when we were younger we could see it for what it is a black and white issue ... before becoming "adults" and seeing things in shades of gray. Some still can see black and white ... you can hear them weeping .... here .... on the SFIG in our little "house".

And the elected representatives of Kansas, the home of Dorothy's "little people", the bastion of "creation science", (they plan on having 6 days of hearings another "Scopes" trial) and Phill Kline, (who thinks HIPAA, is a female hippopotamus), has once again done everything they can to supplant Arkansas as the butt of State jokes ..... in local news "Mothers can breast-feed in public, under a bill advanced Wednesday by the Kansas House. But they have to breast-feed "discreetly." [and to my Dear Friend, Paul Ivy No. Breast feeding is not one of the protected rights contained in our Constitution! It is only a nipple on the breast of freedoms contained in the penumbra of unarticulated rights.] I tried like hell to find links to share the adverse effects of "breast feeding". There aren't any, (that I could find). There is universal consensus that "breast feeding", if possible, is in a baby's best interests ... and has beneficial health effects for the mother. Seems our species, ( Duh!!! Like all mammals!!), has a long history of nursing our infants. Give me a break why is the La Leche League even necessary!!! Interesting, isn't it ... that the elected representatives of Kansas, find it necessary to enact a law, allowing a mother, to "discreetly", nurse her child, in public. I wonder, in Kansas, is it against the law, to allow the offspring of your domesticated animals to nurse in public is it a crime? Promoting pornography? Guess, in Kansas, the only rights you have ... are the ones granted you by the State. Perhaps, instead of forcing teachers to teach "creation science", they should mandate a course in simple civics. 'Nuff said.

In an "avian flu" update good news. "Using new methods to make influenza vaccines instead of the current egg-based approach could cut production time in half .... By building a separate cell culture facility and shipping the cell to the existing biomanufacturing plants, the production cycle could be cut in half to two months .." In bad news "The World Health Organization is investigating a possible outbreak of avian influenza in North Korea ..." . So a nutcase, who possesses nuclear weapons, will have to kill a significant portion of his countries fowl population in order to save the non-infected birds but who does not have the technology to determine which ones are .... while a human population which is already starving and has an almost non-existent health care system, watches him do so? <whispering> .... if you have a Kia or a Hundai .... order your spare parts now!

Cruised "Olga" home with the roof down, after court in Harrisonville, today yesterday, after court, on the same cruise home, got a speeding ticket, (59 in a 45). There is a 55 mph speed limit sign on the road leaving Harrisonville .... I saw it and started speeding up ... course, the cop was sitting behind the sign. I would surmise, after reading my posts, you could conclude ... I'm a pretty laid back, non-confrontational, kind of guy take things in stride. This cop was a dick! I get calls all the time from some citizen, about some Holden cop being less than a gentleman. I used to take them with a grain of salt. Not anymore. Not my place to tell the Police Chief how to do his job ... but I can sure share with him .... the complaints I have received. He serves at the pleasure of our mayor and answers to the mayor, as he should. But, (I'm learning how the system works), his salary and budget .... is set by the City Counsel. <smiling> .... don't you just love the concept of "checks and balances" )

Sitting here editing these Ramblings while sipping on some Benjamin Australian Tawny Port, (a gift from my Dear Friend, Kevin Anderson) and listening to the evening news. "Doctors removed Terri Schiavo's feeding tube Friday, her sister said, despite an extraordinary, last-ditch effort by the Republican-controlled U.S. Congress to use its subpoena powers to keep the brain-damaged woman alive." .... <shacking his head> ..... Watch for the next Ramblings, for a comment. In the July 18, 2003 Ramblings , I proposed a statute of limitations for Bar Complaints and that a copy of all complaints be forwarded to the complained of attorney. In the June 6, 2003 Ramblings, I proposed a "vacation rule", (so you and your family can take a vacation without worrying about some putz opposing counsel taking a default against your client). Makes my heart sing to see the proposed changes take form. Let me call again for ..... A UNIVERSAL PICTURE ID!! If a county elects to issue a picture ID to bypass courthouse security, they can only do so if they will honor the picture ID issued by a sister county. These are simple proposals, made for the benefit of Solo and Small Firm Lawyers, (you know ... those of us, who comprise 2/3rd of the "Professional Organization" we are forced to belong to.) .... <whispering> ..... you want to help make a change? Run for the Board of Governors!!! Click HERE to learn how!!

Tonight as I go to sleep curled around and holding the very best partner a man can have, (Geez, I love this woman!!!) ... I will say a prayer of thanks for the many blessings I have, for you and our men and women in uniform, (care to join me?) ..... <whispering> ..... Please, Please, Please, God .... let them come home safe and soon!! Be and sleep well, the best there is, is on watch so you can. If my post offends, I apologize ... that is not my intent. As Always ....

A Warm Brotherly Hug

Karl (The dumb ole country lawyer, from Holden, Missouri)


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