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MARCH 7, 2003
Greets and Huggers. Posted the evening of March 7, 2003. Life is cruel ... was looking at an interview of some high school kids, boys and girls.  Some looked like nice kids ... others looked like something out of "Mad Max".  The future mothers and fathers of our next generation?  Wonder what the charm of having a pierced tongue is?  Or having these "things" hanging from your eye brow?  Looking back, I can remember my Mom and Dad looking at me like I was some kind of freak for listening to Neil Young's falsetto, (Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young). Geez  ... and ear rings?  See a bunch of younger lawyers wearing them, (my dear friend Pete Schloss wears one).  Why?  Until I have a parrot on my shoulder and fly the "skull and crossbones" on my Durango  ... guess I'll pass.  Life is cruel:  everything you put your parents through, your children will put you through.  Paybacks are a bitch!  (looking at Alan Steinberg ... nodding in agreement :)

Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel:  Years ago, (about 21), I was fortunate enough to join an "office association" of 16 solo lawyers, sharing office space and common areas. Austin Shutte, Don Crow, Darrell Moore, Bob Ball, Dave Bony, Dick Bell, Jeorge Elliott, Pat O'Brian ... et. al. ... learned how to practice law from them, (especially Don Crow). In 1986, they elected me to be the "office manager" ... the group became "Timmerman et. al., 1125 Grand, Suite 500, KC. MO. 64106".  Have helped old friends, over the years, with Bar Complaints ... all have been found, "unfounded". Got a call this week ... from one of my dear old friends, (no one mentioned) asking me to represent him: he had received a letter from the OCDC, demanding that he appear in the office of OCDC in Jefferson City with his Trust Account Records from 1992 -1993. OCDC can demand you appear in their office in Jeff City to answer questions?  A Bar Complaint had apparently been filed in 1995, (my friend had given the then, local investigator, all the information/records he had ... my friend thought the matter was closed). I called OCDC and chatted with the "investigator".  I was surprised, (having dealt with Sara Rittman in the past ... was accustomed to dealing with a person who is in touch with reality, understands the practice of law,  has an open mind ... is interested in finding out the truth ... and has, a damn good sense of humor but one TOUGH Lady),  as to how cold/rude the investigator was, she had reached an opinion about what had occurred  ... all without ever talking to my friend. <shaking his head>  ... did not get the impression that she was interested in finding out the truth ... got the impression that my friend was being "targeted".  Must admit ... when she asked my Name, Address and Bar Number ... "for the record" .... I got the same feeling in my gut, that I get when I get a letter from the IRS.  Just coincidence no doubt ... but looking at the list of folks who have received a "reprimand" or been "disbarred" .... didn't see any folks from the "big" firms. Interesting.

Sat here on Monday night watching PBS ... "This Land is Your Land the Folk Years" .... the Byrds, "Hey Mr. Tambourine Man", " Turn, Turn", The Kingston Trio, The Highway Men, The Smothers Brothers, Pete Seger, Peter Paul and Mary  et al. (hehehe ... any of you guys recognize the names?)  When the camera panned the audience ... it was old men and women .. sitting there singing along. I was singing along too.  In 1987, I was asked to participate in an "Agent Orange" study, flew to Los Alamos, Albuquerque on Thursday ... spent Friday and Saturday undergoing all kinds of tests.  Was told when I registered at the hotel to "muster" at 6:00 am, Friday morning in the lobby of the hotel, wearing an orange jump suit.   Went to the lobby on Friday morning and sat down ... in the middle of a bunch of old guys, talking about their grandchildren .. some talked about being "MedEvac'd" ... some remembering Saigon, Tet Offensive, 1968,  ....  remembering long gone friends. Remembering horrors most had spent a lifetime forgetting.  I learned that morning, some things are better left behind ... some things, "I'm sorry" cannot heal. That morning, I learned, I was not a kid anymore. 'Nuff said.

Wednesday night, watched Dan Rather talking with our Troops in Kuwait .... "I would die for my America" ... "I get tears in my eyes, when I see our flag" ... "just two feet running north".  To those who wish to protest America's politics:  I WILL defend your right to dissent, honorable persons can disagree.  To those who doubt the resolve of our men and women in uniform ..... to those, who wish to denigrate our men and women in uniform ... to those who choose not to respect their sacrifice ... to those who believe that our men and women in uniform are anything less then honorable persons following their conviction and/or their Orders: come spend an evening at Ft Timmerman  ....  let me reason with you.  I know, I would enjoy it.

Read the "Bush Speech" posts with interest.  Does anyone really believe President Bush lacks intellect?  That he is a moron? I'm not privy to GWB's IQ tests but find it hard to believe that a moron is capable of putting together a team that gets him elected President of the United States of America.  At worst, he's an average guy who just happens to surround himself and take the advice of brilliant advisors. Iraq, by it's own admission and the reports of UN Inspectors had weapons of mass destruction as of 1998.  Iraq expelled the UN Inspectors in 1998.  UN Inspectors were allowed into Iraq after a massive military buildup, (comprised, not of UN Troops to enforce the UN mandate that Iraq destroy it's weapons of mass destruction ... but by US Troops).  The greater the troop build up ... the more "cooperative" Iraq became.  Seems to me ... Iraq's "cooperation" with UN Weapons Inspectors is directly proportional to the amount of "pressure" put on it.  Does Iraq currently have weapons of mass destruction?  Don't know ... but do know they have admitted having them and have not provided evidence of their destruction. Does anyone believe Iraq would not make them available for attack against Americans or my America? Does anyone believe Iraq would continue to "cooperate" absent 250,000 US Troops ready to invade?  I am in favor of giving the UN Weapons Inspectors more time ....  provided France, Germany and the other dissenting nations reimburse my America the cost of maintaining the "outside pressure" that is making Iraq comply.  Absent that ... there are 250,000 weapons inspectors ready to do their job. Afghanistan was a sovereign nation that harbored the terrorist organization that attacked our America:  was America attacked by Afghanistan? No.  Did my America go in and remove a repressive regime in Afghanistan.  Yes.  Did the world complain? No. Did my America remove a repressive regime in Panama? Yes. Did the world complain? No. Remember Grenada?  Somalia?  Share with me what the difference is?  Are there other repressive regimes in the world?  Yes.   How many of them have funds from oil reserves or the desire to fund an attack on my America? Why Iraq and not North Korea?  Would seem N Korea posses a greater threat. It really doesn't, short term ... it does long term.  So which is the alligator on our ass ... and which is the swamp? N Korea is isolated ... it has no known ties with any extremist Islamic terrorist networks. Which of the two would be more likely to "assist" another attack on our America? N Korea or Iraq? I don't know if removing the current regime in Iraq, is our best course of action.   I have to rely on my President and his advisors to make that decision.  I do know, no President can go to war based on a personal grudge.  I do know, that I WILL defend and honor our men and women in uniform.  They don't make policy:  they just do their job.
Was a warm beautiful day here in Holden.  Susan gets her stitches out on Monday.  On Thursday, we have an appointment with her OBGYN  ... the topic is hysterectomy, (fibroid tumor the size of an orange on her uterus).  I'm sitting here sipping on some BBB, (I can do that on a Friday night :), and finishing off these Rambling.  She is worried about her scars ... I keep reminding her ... I still close my eyes when I kiss her.  Tonight, as always, I will pray for peace.  I will thank God for giving me the privilege of living in my America with the most wonderful partner a man can have.  I will pray for the safe return of our men and women in uniform.  I trust you will do the same.
If my post offends, I apologize.
Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri)