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FEBRUARY 28, 2003
Greets and Huggers.  Posted the evening of February 28, 2003.  (Written the evening of February 21, 2003) Sitting here thinking about how much brighter the future seems.  Looking forward to growing old with Susan  ...  watching her turn gray :)  Watching her go through the "change of life" ...  hehehe ... listening to her bitch about how cold or hot it is.  Being there, with her, when one of her furry "babies" passes to the "rainbow bridge" ... crying with her.  Small things in a life, I suppose ... but important things. Isn't it the things we take for granted, the small things ... <sigh> ...  the "I love you", not said ... the "I'm sorry", not said  ... that should have been .... that forms our greatest regrets?  For the past several months, I have thought about a life without Susan .... not being able to hold her hand  .... going to sleep each night, the smell of her hair as I drift off to sleep  .... not waking up next to her ....  not being able  .. to share my thoughts .....  my feelings. There are folks who enjoy being by themselves, enjoy the company of friends, two or four legged  ....  but for me, a life worth living, is worth living because I have Susan to share it with.  'Nuff said.

"In 1999 the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences reported that medical errors kill 44,000 to 98,000 people a year and that many of these deaths could be prevented by improving safety measures", Kansas City Star, quoting a New York Times article on Sunday, February 22, 2003.  I suppose the way to encourage folks to improve "safety measures" is to limit their liability if they don't.  I know in my heart, that Ford would have redesigned the Pinto if their liability, per burn victim, was capped at $250,000.00 ......  after all "Quality is Job One" .... and $250,000.00 is more then ample compensation for the pain of undergoing countless skin grafts, plastic reconstructive surgeries and the look on a person's face, the first time they see your horribly disfigured body. Yup, more than ample ... a windfall, even!  It's the damn Trial Lawyers fault .... that 44,000 to 98,000 people are killed each year. All the money used to DEFEND medical malpractice law suits could be used for "improving safety measures", (or perhaps a larger year end bonus).  "Tort Reform":  the many, victimized by the greed and stupidity of the few.  Want to do something about it?

Was reading the "open talk forum" on
www.depreview.com, (digital camera review site).  Comments regarding posted pictures of antiwar protests in Finland, (http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1018&message=4417961) and Denmark, (http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1018&message=4413249).  Antiwar protests in Finland?  Antiwar protests in Denmark?  There have also been protests in other European Nations .. and in the United States.  Honorable persons sharing their beliefs, no doubt.  I wonder, how many of these folks have loved ones in harms way?  I wonder if these folks realize, that their ability to "protest" has been dearly paid for, in part, by American blood?  Don't know.   But I do know this:  as of 1998, Iraq had documented stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction and since the departure of UN weapons inspectors, has actively sought more.  Iraq has a documented history of using them, ( remember the videos of innocent women and children, Kurds, gassed). Given an opportunity, could any reasonable person doubt Iraq would make them available and encourage their use against our America? Another 3,000 innocent American men, women and children dead?  Are you willing to let the Fins, Danes, French or Germans defend us from that?  (Keep in mind, the last battle the French won, was the Battle of Hastings in 1066).  I fear war, I fear the peace afterward but more than that, I fear doing nothing.  And while we invade Iraq, I fear, a million screaming North Koreans heading south.

Here in Holden, have the privilege of calling Elmer Bradley, "friend".  He is old, (in his 80's), he has led a life worth living, a brother Mason. We were visiting, chatting about current events.  Turns out, years ago, during WWII, he helped liberate a concentration camp, (he said the name, but I forgot it ... think it was Auschwitz).  He was uncomfortable talking about it. The look on his face, when he described what he saw, haunts me. How does an honorable man deal with such horror?  55+ years later, his eyes fill with tears, he shudders and he shakes his head.  He reaffirmed my belief that the taking of life ... to preserve life .... can be necessary and is justifiable.  Not moral ... just justifiable.

Was sitting here last night watching the newest "Reality" show:  "Profiles from the Front Lines" on ABC.  Profiling and sharing the lives of several of our men and women in uniform ... on active duty in Afghanistan.  Lives put on hold  ... personal sacrifices made ...  several of the 200,000 men and women in uniform, in harms way. The "reality" shows, "Survivor (whatever number or location it is this time)", "Millionaire", "Bachelor", " Bachelorette", "Ossy" ad nausium   ... for me, the shows are trash. This one held my attention.

It is cold and snowing outside.  The fireplace is cranking out the heat,
http://www.karltimmerman.com/house.html. Susan is in her office with the "Damn Yorkies", the "Damn Cats" and Maggie sprawled at her feet.  Susan is healing well, is in good spirits and for some strange reason .... continues to love me  :)  I'm sitting here, sipping on some BBB and Oh! So grateful she is part of my life.  Thank you all for your prayers/good wishes:  KNOW they helped.  Now ... if I could only figure out how NOT to grab her in the middle of the night .... at least until all the parts heal!!!  Our prayers go out to our men and women in uniform:  may they all return home safely.  Please keep them in your prayers/good wishes. As always, if my post offends, I apologize.
Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri)