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February 21, 2003
Posted the evening of February 21, 2003.  The "Walls of Jerico"  didn't come "tumbling down" from the sound of a single trumpet: neither will "Tort Reform".  Do you really think the sound of a David Ransin, Bryan Scheiderer or Gretchen Mayers et. al. (as eloquent as they are), can make a difference, individually? They cannot.  It is the sound of many JOINED trumpets that make a difference.  So where is MATA?  Where was and is the SOUND of MATA's trumpets?   Four lawyers at the hearing? The BDT won every battle but lost the War   ....   my shortcoming:  my failure.  I did not understand the power or the use of THE Trumpet. I do now.  Set up a "Tort Deform Team", (TDT)  .... shamelessly solicit members  ....  where, the member commits to sending emails to their friends and elected representatives.  I nominate Bryan Schiederer as Team Leader, (David Ransin as Chief of Staff).  Set up an "email list" to keep the TDT members informed, up to date and supply the email addresses of the various "elected representatives" so the TDT members can share those addresses with their friends.  Count me in as a member of the TDT!  I will design a "Logo"  :)  Count on a T-Shirt!!

Susan and I are sitting here waiting for a phone call.  On Monday, Susan had four tumors removed, two the size of a marble, (from each breast), and two the size of a large chili pepper, (from each breast).  We were told the biopsies would be available today.  Had a trial today, I was appointed to be a GAL in a case before Judge Cook, (Cass County )  .... Judge Cook adjourned, by agreement of the other parties,  early ... so I could get home early and be there to get the news with Susan.  Amazed at how many folks care, (got a "Get Well Card" for Susan signed by almost all the folks at the Cass County Courthouse).  We called at 4:00 pm.  It's now 7:30 pm ..... we are waiting. On pins and needles.  You think sitting in a waiting room is bad?

(weeping)  ...  we got the call, (7:52 pm) ...... Susan is Cancer Free  ..  fibroid tumors.

Karl (the dumb ole lawyer from Holden, Missouri).