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FEBRUARY 14, 2003
Greets and Huggers.  Posted the evening of February 14, 2003.  <whispering> for my male Family Members  ...  Happy Valentine's Day ....  you damn well better not have bought your partner a new washer/dryer or toaster!!!  (or,  I hope to hell, my dear friend, Gary B, didn't buy his Lady a new Thesaurus!!)   I love and celebrate the female of our species:  they give life, they nurture, they smell so damn good .. .and ... and .... er .... hmmmm ....  they make life so damn interesting  :)  There is only one female that holds my attention: Susan.  My best friend, my partner, my lover ... frankly,  next to my digital graphics, the only thing that keeps me smiling.  Life Lesson on Long Term Relationships:  Relationships based on sex do not work.  Relationships do not work based on "me first"  ....  do not work based on "I'm Ok, Your Ok" .... or .... "Love means never having to say you are sorry".  Relationships work when the parties make a commitment to being "we".  Relationships work when each party is willing to put the other first.  Relationships work when the parties focus on the other's "needs" and have common "wants",  common "goals".  Central to a successful relationship is a friendship based on "trust", "faith"  ....   hehehehe ...  and a damn good sense of humor  :) 

Sat on Tuesday night and watched a PBS Special on "Blood Diamonds".  What horror.  A stone so beautiful, yet, tainted with the blood of greed, forced labor, slavery, the 'New" Africa.  Beasts preying on their fellow human beings.  Black men and women, not laying in the bowels of some slave ship  ...   but shackled in illegal diamond mines .... their product purchased, commingled with legal diamonds and sold by DeBeers.  Diamonds have become the currency of terrorists.  I am sickened. I WILL NOT BUY ANOTHER DIAMOND. Ever.  I WILL NOT financially support such horror, such a rape of human dignity.  Period.

Read the "Tort Reform"  posts spanning the past several weeks.  Made me proud to know that young lawyers like Bryan Schiederer,
http://www.karltimmerman.com/sfigp-s.html, a Solo and Small Firm guy,  a member of the BDT and the BDT2, have taken time out of their practice to stand up for what we all know is right. Saddens me, that only 4 lawyers took the time to testify. Thank you, Bryan.  I am honored to call you "friend".  "Tort Reform":  you have your legs cut off or mutilated by a quack and when you seek redress, you are told by our elected representatives that you don't have a leg to stand on. Yes indeed, the will of 51% of us. Of course, our supremo's will uphold it.  "Nuff said.

You come into this life ... and right around puberty ... you gain access to a whole bunch of wonderful vices, (and you strive to experience some/most).  Over time, for health reasons,  you have to give them up, one by one ... until there are none left and you are ready to check out.  If done right, that takes a life time.  Dawns on me that I'm only 55 and I'm already down to two  ...... <sigh>  ...  sometimes I feel like a '55 Chevy   ..... don't have to worry about hail damage,  just having to be towed the last few miles.

Other than a doctor's appointment today, Susan and I spent the day snuggling and talking about the future.  Talked about the unthinkable:  talked about what I wanted her to do if something happened to me, what she wanted me to do if something happened to her.  Never talked about it before.  Why would we?  Guess it's the same conversation held between our men and women in uniform and their loved ones.  We spend a significant part of our lives fooling ourselves into pretending Death is something that happens to the other guy.  It isn't.

Sitting here earlier this evening, sipping on a snifter of BBB and thinking about Monday morning and my life with Susan.  At 1:15 pm on April 19, 1995, Susan walked into my office needing a divorce.  I was looking at the "New Client Info Sheet" as she walked in.  I started to get up as she came in   ..  and our eyes met for the first time.  We just stood there looking at each other:   had there been a sheet of paper between our faces, it would have burst into flame.  We chatted for about 5 minutes about what she wanted, then spent the next 3 hours talking about our lives.  As she got ready to leave, I told her I could not represent her:  I would find her another lawyer to handle her case. I did.  We talked every day and evening for several hours over the next 7 days.  While talking to her on the evening of April 26, 1995, ... I invited her out to Ft. Timmerman for the weekend, (April 28, 1995).  When we talked the next day,  she agreed.  We met again in person at noon on the 28th and she followed me home to Ft Timmerman.  We talked all afternoon:  I cooked supper, (I still do all the cooking ... she does all the cleaning) and we talked until almost 1:00 am.  She elected to sleep in one of the guest rooms ..... sometime during the night ... she slipped into bed with me.  I woke up looking into the face of the most beautiful woman I know.  She never left Ft Timmerman:  other than the short periods of time I've been in court and two SFIG Family gatherings, we have been together 24/7, since then.  I cannot picture, not waking up with my arms wrapped around her.

The fireplace is going and it's cold and rainy outside:  "Winter Storm Warning" for the morning.  Susan is on her computer visiting with her "Cat Chat" friends, with the "Damn Yorkies", "Daisy" and four of the five "Damn Cats" scattered around her feet, (you can see all of the critter's pictures at 
http://www.chappysplace.net/sitemap.html )  .  I'm sitting here editing these Ramblings, sipping on some BBB, chatting on the #SFIG and worrying about Susan's surgical biopsies on Monday morning.  I am grateful for your encouraging emails, the countless best wishes, prayers and offers of help, sent by this my virtual "Family". Upon the receipt of each, I opened the SFIG Family Album, (http://www.karltimmerman.com/sfiga-f.html)  ... found the face that went with the email ... touched it ... and offered a silent "Thank You".  Be and sleep well tonight:  please keep our men and women in uniform in your prayers and/or good wishes. As always, if my post offends, I apologize.
Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri).