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JANUARY 31, 2003
Greets and Huggers.  Posted the evening of  01-31-03.  When did "trust me" become grounds for going to war? Heard it from 3 Presidents:  Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon.  "Trust Me" resulted in 50,000 + body bags.  Our men and women in uniform can not question the orders they are given.  They cannot question policy.   They can only follow orders:  do what they are told.  Don't you and I have an obligation to question on their behalf?  I question, not for me, I'm an old man  ...  I question on their behalf.  They may be ordered to take life:  is this taking of life "justifiable"?  Is it in "self defense" or in "defense of another's life"?  On Tuesday night, my President made his case to me.  Iraq's documented stockpiles of bio/chemicle weapons accounted for in 1998 ... are now gone and unaccounted for. No record of their disposal.  There is also a documented history of their use against non combatants. What is the probability of their future use?  What is the probability that these weapons will be made available for use against America or Americans?  Can we really risk waiting to find out?  There are some evils we can do something about, (Iraq) ... and some we cannot, (North Korea).    I fear the consequences of attacking Iraq,  both economically and the probable loss of life, but I stand behind my President: for me,  a war against Saddam is "justifiable" because the potential for loss of life in attacking Iraq, is less than the probable loss of life in doing nothing.  It is easy to talk in the abstract of going to war:  it is easier yet to forget the impact on individuals who go. Those who have gone and returned, remind us of those that have paid the ultimate price:  remind us that going to war is only "justifiable" in order to save life.   Life Lesson:  A life worth living, is a life spent questioning what you are told, what you believe to be true  and your "faith":  to do less, negates one of God's greatest gifts,  negates our birth right as human beings, "Free Will".  There is no question in my mind that war is immoral, but history shows, that to preserve human life, war is sometimes necessary.  Let's get on with it.

Several members of our "Family" have been mobilized:  they have put their lives on hold. Whether you agree with what they have been Ordered to do or not, they are "Family".  "Family" pulls together.  To those on active duty, if you can read this: " Please keep in touch, let us know how you are doing and most important, please keep safe.  Our prayers and best wishes are with you."   Right here, right now, I offer my assistance to them and theirs.  If there is anything I or Susan can do: ask.  We WILL do our best to get it done.  We can offer no less.

Breast cancer or ovarian cancer are two of the greatest fears a woman can have.  Prostate cancer and colon cancer are a man's.  Had a "hose job", (colonoscopy), on tuesday.  Served two purposes:  since I have a history of "polyps" and a family history of colon cancer, a check up, (they cut out five "polyps" and depending on the biopsy results  ..  I can look forward to another "hose job" in three or five years) was warranted and, perhaps more important, a reminder as to why I do not wish to be convicted of a crime :)  My point in sharing this information is that men have a tendency to ignore physical problems:  don't.  Not getting a yearly check up isn't "macho":  its plain stupid. Just about all the medical problems  I know of, can be dealt with, if found early.  You owe it to the persons that love you. As an aside, the only painful thing about the procedure, was seeing the look in Susan's eyes, the fear, the concern, as they were carting me away. 

Enjoyed reading the "appropriate attire" posts.  "Local Rule" in Jackson County requires a "shirt, coat and tie".  Judge Pratt in Clay County, years ago, required female persons to wear a skirt in his courtroom.  He had a "wrap skirt" in his chambers, in the event a Lady appeared wearing a pantsuit.  Times have changed.  Have seen folks appear in court looking like extras out of one of the "Mad Max" movies.  I advise my clients to wear "casual nice".  More important than dress, is, who appears with them.  Had a contested dissolution, represented a dad, who insisted on bringing his new "Lady Friend" for moral support.  Bright red dress, enough makeup to make Tammy Faye Baker look like a school marm  ..  I won't even go into her personality and vocabulary.  Course, the high point, was when my client needed to express his affection for her during the docket call.  Geez!!!

Sitting here at Ft Timmerman, sipping on a snifter of BBB over crushed ice and editing these Ramblings.  This was a terrifying week for Susan.  I think she has always seen me as being "indestructible" ... her "rock"  ...  the look in her eyes, when I was carted off, haunts me.  I am very much sensitized to what I have ... and what there is to lose.  Our men and women in uniform ...  must have looked into the eyes of their loved ones, when activated .... must have felt, feel the same pain and sense of potential loss.  By the Grace of God ... Susan and I can go to sleep tonight at Ft Timmerman  ... perhaps with a sigh of relief  .... and I promise you ... a prayer for the safe return of our men and women in uniform, a prayer for our America  ... and a small selfish prayer for ourselves. As you drift off to sleep tonight, cherish what you have:  you really don't know what you got 'till it's gone.

If my post offends, I apologize, that is not my intent.

Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri)