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JANUARY 10, 2003
Greets and Huggers.  Posted the evening of 1/10/03.  The SFIG Server went down last Friday night  ... when it was time to post the Ramblings.  I/we could not post.  I could not get in touch with this, my virtual "Family".   Pat Reynolds, Bob Sigoloff, Pat Lester and I were chatting on the #SFIG on IRC over the weekend, (Sherrie Hansin dropped by for a while).   Glad to have had the #SFIG  on-line as a back up.  Did not feel isolated.

BDT2 is forming.  Lawyers from all over the State of Missouri are banding together  ... not right or left wing nut cases  ... just plain old every day folks ... like you and I  ... standing up and saying  ... "We will not be "good Germans"  ...  we will not stand idly by and watch our civil liberties be usurped in the name of "the Will of the People"  ...  or a "Federal Mandate":  isn't a Federal Mandate a law passed by 51% of us? We are joining together to dissent:  we are joining together to challenge certain "administrative laws":  regulations imposed by the "Executive Branch", laws which are devoid of "due process' and "equal protection". We went to the Missouri Supreme Court last time:  this time we are filing in Federal Court  ...   wonder if we will wind up before the Supreme Court of the Untied States of America.  BDT2 members will assist with the research, (shouldn't be more than 10 or 15 hours over the next year).  Want a BDT2 T-shirt?  Sign on :)  I need to do research on www.findlaw.com: just donate some of your time.  Want to make a difference?  'Nuff said.

Getting real uneasy.  My President is deploying folks for a war with Iraq.  The news says our troops are going to stop "weapons of mass destruction".  Iraq denies having any:  the UN inspectors have not found any.  The rest of the world thinks my America, (translated, "Oil Companies") want to snatch Iraq's oil.  Caught in the middle are our men and women in uniform, my friends, neighbors, brothers, sisters  ... folks like you and I.  At the same time, North Korea admits having nuclear weapons  ... flat out says they will build more ... North Korea has the missile technology to deliver nuclear weapons   ... and my America will use "diplomatic" means to solve this problem?  Given the current available evidence, couldn't reasonable persons reach the conclusion that invading Iraq is not about protecting our America from terrorists, but rather, ensuring cheap gasoline for our SUV's?  I must be missing something:  surely my America has not gotten to a point where oil companies control foreign policy?  I unequivocally support our men and women in uniform: when they come home THEY WILL NOT BE CALLED "BABY BURNERS"!!!!  They are, after all, soldiers: our soldiers.  They do not make policy  They do what they are told to do.  That is the nature of our military. On the news tonight ... another 35,000 troops have been deployed to Kuwait.  Getting real uneasy:  my President better have damn good evidence that an invasion of Iraq is necessary to protect my America from a terrorist threat here.

Stopped in and visited with Commissioner Rosen today:  she was a GAL in a case I had, many years ago.  That's how we met, (my client lost).  Aside from the fact that she, (Commissioner Rosen),  is one of the most knowledgeable persons I know on family law issues:  she is a dear friend and one hell of a good, fair  and caring judge.  I have the privilege of being able to call her for her opinion when I need advice:  when she talks I listen.  Afterward, had lunch with David Lurie, Pat Reynolds and Shelley Bishop at the "Ameristar" casino buffet:  all damn good lawyers and friends.  "Life Lesson" for "puppy sharks":  Clients come and go but you will have an on going relationship with opposing counsel.  When you step into the courtroom ... your job is to cleave your opponent from crown to crotch  ... you give no quarter nor can you expect to gain a quarter  ... but when you leave the courtroom ... no matter what the outcome  ...  you offer your hand in friendship to opposing counsel.  It is not "your" win nor "your" loss:  it is the client's.  Most of the relationships, friendships,  I hold most dear, are with folks who were adversaries in a case.

The fireplace is going big time at Ft Timmerman tonight:  supposed to get down to 6 degrees tonight.  Susan's sonogram came back positive:  we have an appointment with the surgeon who will do the "needle biopsy" on the 20th;  she also has a "mass"  next to her ovaries.  The MRI is next Tuesday.  I know bad things happen to good people:  I know good things happen to bad people.  That's just the way it is.  Will cherish holding my Susan tonight, will say a prayer for her, will say a prayer for our men and women in uniform  .... will pray for me.

As always, if my post offends  ... I apologize.


Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri).