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Greets and Huggers.  Posted the evening of January 3, 2003, (the following thoughts are on the eve of 12-31-02).  I sent several friends a "Happy New Year" email on December 31, 2002.  My dear friend Joe Crites, (and his lovely Lady, Megan, (http://www.karltimmerman.com/sfiga-f.html))  emailed me back.   (I hope I am not violating a confidence by sharing this),  he wrote "Thank You!!  And back at you freedom lover."  Joe is one damn smart lawyer:  an honorable man and certainly,  someone I look up to.  I am proud that he considers me his friend.   The "freedom lover" reference in his email, made me smile, lifted my spirits, made me proud to be equated with those who are willing to stand up for our freedoms: as I KNOW Joe is. Wonder if "freedom lovers" are now in the minority:  sure is easier to go with the flow.  Sure is easier not to get involved.  In 1932, the German people were part of an enlightened society, technologically advanced:  certainly not inherently evil nor stupid.  They were plain folks like you and I.  How is it possible that 8 years later, they had no freedom.  How is it possible that 12 years later, some of them were responsible for the murder of millions?  How is it possible, that here, at the same time, in my America, Japanese Americans were stripped of their property and put in "internment" camps.  How is it possible that the Supreme Court of the United States of America, found the taking of property and imprisonment of US citizens, without a hearing, without any probable cause, Constitutional?  Do you really believe it could not happen again?  After 9/11, I wonder.

"Freedom" is a two edged sword.  "Freedom" means that Neo-Nazi's can assemble and spew their hate.  Means you can see smut magazines on the counter of your local 7-11 or your kids can access "porno" sites on your home computer: "virtual" kiddie porn is not illegal.  Means women can elect to have an abortion or not.  Means consenting adults can engage in sexual behaviors, in the privacy of their bedrooms, other than in the "missionary position" and not only to "procreate".  Means the Boy Scouts can exclude gay folks or folks who do not believe in a God. Means no prayers in public schools.    It also means a cop cannot stop me because he doesn't like the way I look or because I look different or I am a person of color.  Means I can chose to own a firearm.  Means I can worship God, any way I wish or chose not to worship or believe at all.  Means no one can enter my home without a warrant nor take my property without a court order .. a Court Order entered AFTER I have been given an opportunity to be heard in a court of law.  Means I cannot be strip searched nor arrested without "probable cause". Means I can engage in private conversations, share things about me or my life, without agents of our government listening in.  Means I have a reasonable expectation of privacy.   Means I have the right to express my opinion to whomever I wish, without fear of being imprisoned for doing so.  Means I can get together with other folks and talk about what we feel our government is doing wrong ... and how to correct it. A two edged sword.  So,  how many of these freedoms do we still enjoy?   .........    and for how long?  I hope we have learned from our history: our past mistakes.  I hope we will not be writing reparation checks 30 years from now,  (read Hermann Hesse, "Journey to the East").

Read the "Brown Recluse" posts with interest.   Nasty little critters:  (
http://www.karltimmerman.com/spider.html).   Didn't realize their bites were as bad as they are.  Can leave some nasty scars  ....  <shuddering>  .... fortunately, few people get bitten because they are so reclusive.  Several folks commented that there are "safe" poisons you can use to spray your house, (safe in the sense they don't kill adults, dogs and cats).  Isn't a "safe poison" an oxymoron? Ever read the warning on the back of a "Raid" can!   Seem to remember "agent orange" was declared "safe" too.  They were wrong.   'Nuff said.

Sitting here watching the evening news:  a story about our reservists and national guard troops, men and women in uniform,  being activated for duty in the Persian Gulf.  Hard to watch them kiss their loved ones  ...  not,   good bye  ...  but, until we see each other again.  It made my heart weep, to realize, that some may not.  These are citizen soldiers:  they have a civilian life, a family, a job.  They are my friends and neighbors: someone's mother, father, child or significant other.  If you listen carefully ... you can hear the thunder in the distance:  there is a storm coming.  There may be a hard rain to fall.  I pray not.

Have a fire going at Ft Timmerman ... it is warm and cozy.  Susan underwent another mammogram today:  another lump.  They are concerned enough to have her undergo a sonogram next Wednesday.  She is worried.  So am I.  But,  we have been here before. Wonder who or what folks with no faith call on for strength at times like this?  Tonight ... as I go to sleep ... I will hold Susan extra close.  One lesson I have learned in life:   you really don't know what you got ... 'til its gone.

If my post offends, I apologize ... that is not my intent.  Be and sleep well.

Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri)
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JANUARY 3, 2003